About the Foundation 

At the Servitor Foundation we accept our corporate social responsibility toward our clients, employees and members of the greater community. We believe that an economically strong community fosters a more favourable business environment and we want to be a leader in that community. 

The Servitor Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization (802669077RR0001). Thanks to the generous donations of time and effort by our accountants, we are projecting Administration costs for the charity to be less than 1% for this fiscal year.

Our Vision

The Servitor Foundation envisions an inclusive society that values and supports people to become healthy, creative and fully engaged in the civic, social, economic and cultural life of our socially diverse and environmentally sustainable communities.

Our Mission 

The Servitor Foundation´┐Żs charitable programs are directed outward to the community at large to support the relief of poverty and the advancement of technical education and other purposes beneficial to the community.

Current Activities

The Servitor Foundation currently supports SOS Children's Villages (SOS Kinderdorf). 

Taras Schevchenko Statue in Schevchenko Park, Kyiv, where A J lost many games of chessThe new Village in Brovary, Ukraine has just recently opened. There's room for about 100 kids there. Back in 2005, we starting helping out on this project. First we thought that your last name had to be Schevchenko to be a contributor, like Vitaly the MP, Andriy the Football star and Igor the Chairman, but after playing (and losing) many games of chess in Schevchenko Park, we felt qualified to give.

Serious thanks needs to go out to Anders Collman, VP from Cramo for keeping this project going. 

You too can help out in Brovary. There's more information available at the SOS Kinderdorf Website:


The SOS Children's Villages Annual Report graciously lists Servitor as a Partner.

While in China, we had the opportunity to visit the Urumqi location. We dropped by on Christmas Day with some presents.

A J Butler, President of the Servitor Foundation at the SOS Children's Village in Urumqi, China on Christmas Day.


A J Butler, President of the Servitor Foundation at the SOS Children's Village in Urumqi, China on Christmas Day.




Our Contact Info:

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Registered Canadian Charity ID Number 802669077RR0001